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(503) 784-5515



How many different people should you expect on the job site?  

It depends on the extent of your job. We employ only the best professionals to execute your job, each of whom are committed to the highest standards.


What if I need a permit? 

Contractors will handle all permitting for you. We are happy to work with your contractors if needed. We will work with them to make sure our work is ready when they are. Our job is to work with them, not direct them or their work. That is up to you …Payment to your contractor is also up to you.


What if I want to furnish my own materials?      

On most projects we supply the materials and the cost is billed into your contract. Contractors like to work with proven materials. However, if you would like to provide your own materials, you can. Be sure to check with us on price to purchasing, as there may be added expenses. We are happy to work the project either method.


What happens if I furnish the parts and they turn out to be faulty? 

If the mistake doesn’t cost us any time—nothing. If we have to come back or stop work to wait for the problem to be fixed, you will be charged a reasonable amount for the loss of time.                                                                                     


Once I decide to do the work what is the next step?                     

After saying "Thank You!" and receiving your signed contract, we’ll place an order for supplies not already in stock. This way, you’re not inconvenienced while waiting for materials to arrive. Once everything is in stock, we can get started on your project.


What if I have only one bath and it is going to be torn up with a new toilet, tub, flooring and so forth, do I have to move out or go to a Hotel?              

No hotel needed! We are very prepared for 99% of our remodels. You will never be without a toilet, and rarely without a tub to bathe in. Unforeseen cicumstances may occur and we may get fooled on the extent of work that needs to be done (dry rot can be quite problematic), but typically everything goes smoothly.


I acquired three bids on the work and you’re the most expensive?    

Yikes! We are? We certainly don't try to be. You may want to make sure you're comparing "Apples to Apples." Are the other bids through reputable licensed contractors? Does the scope of work stay consistent through all three bids? These are some of the more common ways you may find differences in bids you receive.        


Does it really matter if the contractor is licensed or not?                                 

Oregon State law says if you don’t hire a licensed contractor and you have an issue, you have no rights to use the Contractors Construction Board and you would need to take your contractor to small claims court for help. On the other side of it, if you hire a licensed contractor and you have a problem, you can file a claim with the board and they will put the parties together to come to some kind of mutual agreement to resolve the issue. They act as an arbitrator for the home owner at no cost.


How come you don’t have all of the accreditations behind your company that a lot of other companies do?                  

Well that’s a good question. HBA (Home Builders Association), BBB (Better Business Bureau) and so on, all cost money. We do everything in our power to keep expenses down and pass those savings along to you. Angie’s list charges their customers very little, but they charge accepted contractors more to advertise with them. We appreciate that they ask for reviews on contractors that their paying customers can access. We don’t want any problems and the best way to avoid them is to do great work; that’s our goal every day.


Have you ever had any issues with a customer?                                                         

When you've been in business for over 20 years, issues come up. If a problem arises, we do our best to come to a fair resolution. Being disrupted for long periods of time on the big jobs can take its toll on just about anyone. We strive to complete your job on time and on budget to minimize your inconvenience and leave you smiling.                


I  want things done a certain way. Will you do it the way I want? 

I suppose you mean cleaning up after ourselves, putting tarps down so we don’t track dirt into the house, etc...Then yes! We do it just that way—every day. If you mean in terms of the techniques used to install the product then long as it conforms to the standards needed by the industry for long life and long wear.                                                                                                               

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?    

YES! We would not risk doing any work for you unless we were fully licensed, bonded and insured.                                                                                    

There are six of you, who is the best looking?    

Dave of course!                                                                                                                                 


Is there anything I can do to save money? 

Yes & No… Some people want to do the "Tear Out" themselves to save money. We understand, and allow people with demolition skills to do so. It is not like the television shows where residents come at the room with a sledge hammer. We don’t tear things out; we surgically remove things so as not to create more work than needed to make the final repairs quickly and on time—which definitely saves you money in the end.                              


I have decided to have Bath Repair remodel my kitchen. What time can I expect your arrival at my house in the morning?     

We usually get started around 9.00 a.m., because we may need to get materials at the hardware store or other things prior to starting the day's work.    


I don’t want any dust from my remodel getting into the rest of the house. Will you put up tarps to keep the dust out?    

Yes!  Although, if it’s a small job, we don’t usually need to unless we’re cutting into sheet rock. On any job, we take the necessary extra precautions. But keep in mind that big jobs will inevitably produce a fair amount of dust, which has a way of leaving its mark. Unfortunately you have to scramble the eggs before you can make an omelet.                                                                                                             

Can I do anything to make things go smooth, and safe for you?                    

The closer we can park our trucks the better. Clear away anything that can be damaged from hauling in large, heavy equipment that we need in order to complete your project. If we’re going to be nailing anything, please remove pictures from the walls in the adjoining rooms. If you have animals, please put them in the garage, or somewhere secure so we can feel confident that your family pets are safe.                                                                                              


Can we (or you) special order items from Home Depot and have you install them?             

Home Depot is a great place to get standard items that are already in stock for projects. However, for special orders we prefer working with other suppliers who carry a wider variety of materials and deliver outstanding customer service, which makes both choosing and ordering supplies a much easier task.                        


Should I refinish my bath tub or replace it? What about my toilet and sink?                                                                 

When it comes to tubs, we think long term. The longest wearing tubs are cast iron—50 years. That’s because everything in a bathroom is built-in around the tub. If it is old and ugly, the only thing you can do is refinish it (paint), which only guarantees about 10 years. That does little to transform the tub; it just prevents the paint from coming off.  When we meet, we can discuss options of what would work best in your case, to replace or repair. Both options have their good and bad points. We can help you plan accordingly.


I want to do some of the work and I want you to do the stuff that I can’t do. Is that all right?                                              

Yes! With a clear project outline, we can determine what will work best for you.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

What kind of upgrades would you suggest for my tile?                                                   

Nowadays, we have many things that make tile function better than ever, starting with epoxy grout. The tile backer board today is great for tile work and your tile will go out of fashion faster than the tile can fall off the wall. In the past, tile would fail because of a couple of things. First, if you don’t caulk around your spout and valve, the water will get behind the tile into the backer board and get wet, allowing mildew to grow and the tile to fail. The next thing is not re-caulking once it starts to fail. Caulk and grout are two different things and when the caulk fails, mildew starts to grow and you know the rest of the story. I have said this many times…there is no magic bullet for any shower no matter what kind it is. They all have their good points and bad. The secret is simply this … tile showers look the best, in my opinion!                                                                                                                

I hate cleaning tile and grout lines, and the mildew drives me crazy! Isn’t there anything better than that?                     Not unless you like plastic. I hear Re-bath and Bath fitter have great plastic baths tubs and showers—just expensive for what you get. Or you can put a fiberglass unit in and take a shower in a hollow chamber, chamber, chamber …


People ask all the time which is harder to repair, bathrooms or kitchens?

The answer is easy, bathrooms!  You are working with water, which can’t be taken lightly. You also need a lot more knowledge on work to be completed; it’s really not just about picking the colors and styles.