Licensed, Bonded & Insured

OR#: 194749 


David M. Levesque

Phone: (503) 784-5515

PO Box 2132

Oregon City, OR 97045


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Our Process

1. We make an appointment to see your space and understand the project.


2. We write up a ball park estimate and email it to you.


3. After you receive the email let us know if you want to move forward so we can add you to our schedule.


4. I will send you a list of vendors we do business with,  you do not have to use these vendors we just recommend them.


5. The final estimate process may take several attempts, be prepared for many discussions about the different variations possible to achieve the desired outcome of your project.  The difference will be time, and speed for pricing and availability etc.


6. Once you send it all of signed paperwork required by the state of Oregon, the CCB notifications ,contract and deposit in we order the materials for your job and get your job on our list of projects.  "I gave up on a schedule a long time ago because too many changes always happen."


7. After all of your materials have been ordered we will email you the date we will start your project.


Please call or email us with any questions: (503) 784-5515